Lynx 45-100 R3

Lynx Power BankMODEL (LPB-45/100)

The Lynx Power Bank LPB-45/100 is a new range of secure integrated Battery Energy Storage Systems. This mobile and modular solution includes; Batteries, PCS, Cooling Fan and a Fire Protection System.  External PV power and AC Generator are available as options.

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Available Product Sizes

Standard Features

ZERO • Fuel • Noise • Emissions • Maintenance

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0% Emissions

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0% Noise

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0% Fuel

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11 Per Truck

Lynx Power Bank 45-100 Design Features

Power Series

DyMac Lynx Power bank Series adopts branded LiFePO4 battery cells, assuring 4000 times under charge/discharge @1C once per day, 8000 times under charge/discharge @0.3C once per day @ DOD 80% for 8 consecutive years, the total capacity of the battery system ≥ 80% of the default initial capacity.

Backup Power

DyMac Lynx Power bank series has been a proven solution for grid stabilization functionalities such as Contingency Reserve, islanding and microgrid-ready capabilities, utility power emergencies, etc. The response time can be lower than 20ms during power outages.

Quiet Power

Lynx Power Bank makes the best case of power generation solutions for public services. They can be fully charged for less than 3 hours and discharge to generate stable electricity for 9 hours with ≤ 5 dBA noises and 0 emissions.

Impact Load

Applying diesel generators for power sectors like mobile cranes, and urban electric vehicle charging stations could end up shortening the service life of the generator sets for engine habits of impact load leads to carbonization, high fuel consumption, and possible fuel leakage as they serve at low load (0% - 30%) for most of the time. Lynx Power bank help to improve the lifespan of diesel generator sets and power generation efficiency.

Customized System Capacity

Customized roof from DyMac's cabinet to ALL-SIZE container. Power and capacity can be expanded to meet different users needs.

Lynx Power Bank 45-100 Specifications

General Specification

Rated Output Power@25℃
Rated Output Voltage
Battery Storage Capacity
Loading Dimension(L*W*H)
Loading Capacity of 40’HC
10 Units
Operating Temperature Range


Inverter & Charger

Cooling System

Fire Protection


Socket Options



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Remote Locationssector icon

Remote Locations

Special Eventssector icon

Special Events

Oil, Gas & Miningsector icon

Oil, Gas & Mining

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