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DyMac United Kingdom is an acknowledged leader in the field of renewable power products as well as innovative fuel and fluid storage tank design. We aim to provide the markets with a viable option when deciding the transition to Sustainable / Renewable / Environmental protection products. The DyMac Group was established in 2016 with the owners being in design many years prior to the companies inception. The DyMac owners, engineers and design team proposed continuous idea’s of what a renewable power product range would look like to help enable the transition to clean power for the Equipment Rental, construction and agricultural sectors. Our designs were brought to life using the highest quality materials and engaging first-class manufacturing processes, resulting in our award-winning product range of renewable power products. We are confident in our product quality durability and look forward to supporting all businesses that are making the transition to a more sustainable environment.

Reasons why the sustainable transition is easier to make than ever before with DyMac United Kingdom products.

  • Our renewable Power and Solar lighting Products have numerous innovative features that deliver a greater return on investment than traditional non-sustainable power and lighting products.
  • Our Products are designed to aline with the continued development of a circular economy.
  • DyMac United Kingdom does not just offer class-leading sustainable products, we also offer class-leading customer service, where people and relationships are placed at the core of our business model.
  • We embrace a culture where communication, feedback, and an appraisal are key. This culture of exchange means we understand intimately the needs of the industries we serve and constantly strive to improve our products where possible.

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Our Mission

We Design Products That Harvest Clean Energy To Minimize Our Impact On The Environment

In line with UK & European government commitments of realizing zero net carbon by 2050. We are focused on reducing carbon emissions throughout our business and supply chains by bringing the most innovative and advanced products to market in line with progress to a circular economy.

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Harvesting Clean Energy / Protecting Our Environment

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