AceCube Professional Hippo Dual FluidMODEL (ACP-H-DF-4820/250L)
HVO Ready AdBlue

AceCube Professional Hippo Dual Fluid ACP-H-DF-4820/250L is a dual fluid tank with a fully bunded inner tank.

Capacity: 4765 Litres

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Available Product Sizes

Designed for Ad-Blue DEF dispensing


4765 Litres
2995 mm
2300 mm
1295 mm
Outer Tank Thickness
3 mm
Inner Tank Thickness
4 mm
Weight, Tare
1789 kg
Weight, Laden
5959 kg
Safe Fuel Fill Level
4526 Litres


Plastic AdBlue DEF 250 Litres

250 Litres
887 mm
548 mm
1041 mm
Wall Thickness
10 mm
Safe Fill Level
237 Litres


Prime Fuelling

The transportable AceCube Professional Hippo Dual Fluid tank range is ideally suited to meet the on-site refueling needs of construction equipment using Tier 4 final North American engines and Stage V European engines.

Enhanced Design Features

Dispensing & Accessibility

The AceCube Professional Hippo Dual Fluid Tank features 2 x electric pumps with a dispensing kit located on each gable end, an Adblue electric pump, and a Diesel-electric pump. It also has an extremely spacious equipment compartment section to accommodate a 10M retractable hose reel.

Maintenance & Environment

To ensure efficient and unencumbered cleaning, maintenance, and inspection the ingenious three-tier component design allows the inner tank to be completely removed and disconnected. This flexible design ensures a minimal amount of downtime and thus increases over long-term ROI.

Transportable & Portable

The AceCube Professional Hippo Dual Fluid can be easily positioned onto a dedicated twin axle trailer to allow for easy transportation when full of fuels.


The AceCube Professional Hippo Dual Fluid is comprised of two large galvanized hatch lids, located at each end of the tank. It also employs heavy-duty locking devices to deter any potential vandals.

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